Encouraging Literacy and Library Usage Through Excellence in Programming

Booklover Badges

All badges are $1.50 each
Get 12 of one design for $9
Get 144 of one design for $99

A. Summer Reading Badge

Don’t want to do a year-round badge program? Include this special patch as one of your summer reading prizes, and watch the excitement!


B. Booklover Badge

What do your booklovers love to read? Let them choose their own books, or build your own program around this badge!


C. Audiobook Badge

Whether they’re downloadable audiobooks, preloaded audio players, or CDs and cassettes, encourage kids to explore nontraditional media with this patch!


D. Concepts Badge

Reading is hard before it gets fun. Reward young children who are learning shapes and colors, letters and numbers, with this colorful patch. 



E. Series Badge

Whether it’s girl detectives, boy magicians, or clans of cats, kids love series. Encourage them with this special badge!


F. Reading Royalty Badge

This sparkly badge is for those in love with All Things Princess, but it can be tweaked for an older crowd, too. Royalty-related fiction, biography, history--- it's not just for little girls.


G. Scary Badge

My number one request always seems to be, "Do you have any scary stories?" This badge is for those kids who love to walk on the creepy side!


H. Bedtime Badge

Reading doesn’t always have to happen at night, but encourage families to share books with the Bedtime Badge! The moon and stars are made of sparkly metallic silver thread!



♦ Badges are 2 inches in diameter
♦ They may be sewn to book bags, backpacks, hats, clothing, and more
♦ Reading Royalty and Bedtime Badges have sparkly metallic thread!

Program ideas

for your Booklover Badges

+ Spotlight one badge per month, or let them read without any deadlines

+ Have them write a book report on each book read, or just record titles and authors

+ Have them read three books to earn their badge, or have them read 20!

+ Let them choose books from a preapproved list, or let them find their own titles